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Day 1, 20th of May 2010

10:00 am – 10:15 am - Welcoming & opening speech

Mrs. Katia Tayar
Founder & President
Arabcom group

  10:30 am – 11:00 am

Dr. Henri J. Chaoul, Ph.D
General Manager
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Subject: “How to Improve on the Transparency and Credibility of the Forex Industry in the Region
Abstract & Biography
"The image and credibility of the Forex industry have often been challenged, especially in recent years in the Middle East.”

It is therefore up to the Forex brokers within the industry to promote its credibility, through different means: By advocating regulations, enforcing education and displaying execution transparency. FXCM MENA is committed to help build and maintain the integrity of the industry in the region.


Henri Chaoul is the General Manager for FXCM MENA (Middle East & North Africa) and he is currently based in Beirut.

Dr. Chaoul has more than six years of investment banking experience and more than twelve years of consulting experience in Europe, Asia, North America and the Middle East, covering an array of industries including postal services, information systems, automotive, retail, pharmaceutical, medical equipment and transportation.

Dr. Chaoul has experience in private equity, investment banking, merger and acquisition analysis, economic analysis, economic valuation of tangible and intangible property, performance measurement, value-based management, strategic due diligence, corporate and business unit strategy development and intercompany pricing analysis.

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  11:30 am - 12:00 pm

Todd Gordon
Senior Technical Strategist
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Subject: “Trading Strategies of a Professional FX Trader

Abstract & Biography
In this session he will explain the underlying principles of his trading style which include Elliott Wave and Fibonacci Theory, Inter-market analysis, as well as trade entry and exit parameters.  Prepare for a candid look into the daily trading life of a professional foreign exchange trader. A basic knowledge of Elliott Wave Theory is recommended.

Todd Gordon is the Senior Technical Strategist for, author of the widely read Strategy of the Day research report, and Trader for GAIN Capital Asset Management.  He is frequent contributor to financial news channels such as Bloomberg, BNN, and CNBC, and has given seminars in regions including the Middle East, Eastern Europe, China and the US. Todd’s popularity stems not only from his accuracy as a trader, but also from his straightforward, highly transparent, and candid approach to his daily research report.  In his report, The Strategy of Day, Todd shares with clients of his technical, fundamental, and inter-market analysis, as well his full trade plan including entry, exit, and stop loss parameters well before he initiates the trade in GAIN's managed accounts.
  12:00 pm - 12:30 pm

Joseph Trevisani
Chief Market Analyst
FX Solutions
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Subject: “Three Marco-Economic Considerations for the Dollar in the Second Quarter
Abstract & Biography

Three main lines of economic and currency interest stand out as the markets enter the second quarter.  China‘s pending yuan revaluation, the Greece debt debacle and the cyclical world economic recovery. All three will continue to sway currency markets as the quarter advance. The outcome of the first two depends on the decision of political actors, the last on the unknown choices of millions of consumers around the world. 

Joseph Trevisani has 20 years of experience in Forex trading and management and is the Chief Market Analyst at FX Solutions. Mr. Trevisani worked for 12 years as an interbank currency trader, trading desk manager and proprietary trader at Credit Suisse in New York and Singapore and at The Bank of Bermuda in Hamilton, Bermuda.

Mr. Trevisani has appeared on CNBC and Fox Business News in New York and CNBC in London and Dubai as a currency analyst and is frequently quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Bloomberg, Dow Jones Newswires, the Associated Press, the Chicago Tribune and Futures Magazine.

He has written economic and currency analysis for, SFO, Active Trader, FX Street, and the Aim Bulletin; his Market Directions column appears on Real Clear Markets, Seeking Alpha, Futures Magazine and other websites.
Mr. Trevisani has a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s in International Politics and Finance from Columbia University in New York City.

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  1:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Elias Feghali
Senior Private Banker
AM Financials s.a.l.
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Subject: “Speed Pays, What's Behind High-Frequency Trading?
Abstract & Biography

High-Frequency trading is computer-driven, algorithm-based trading at speeds measured in millionths of a second. Widely successful from 2008 till now, high-frequency trading technique is permitted by some exchanges that led well known big financial firms to become big players in high frequency trading. In the last couple of years high-frequency traders are the talk of Wall Street. This system is attracting big money and some unwanted attention. Lots of concerns that some traders are taking advantage of less fleet-footed investors have drawn the attention of regulators worldwide. What is high-frequency trading? How do players make money in high-frequency trades? What are regulators doing about it? Who are the big players in high frequency? Why is everyone talking about high-frequency trading? What will happen to high frequency trading in the coming future? And much more will be answered and discussed by Mr. Elias Feghali from AM financials.

Mr. Feghali started his career in 1999 with JP Morgan Private Client Group – Middle East desk in London as a trainee and an assistant clients’ advisor where he rotated through client advisory, brokerage, and product development. He assisted in analyzing and researching investments and recommended investment ideas to managers. Also he worked on wealth management optimization model that evaluates financial benefit versus risk. In 2001 he was recruited by Banque Safra SA – Private Banking in Paris as an Advisor to Clients until he moved to AM Financials also as a client advisor where he provides investment research and comes up with investments’ ideas for prospective and existing clients. Mr. Feghali has proved to have exceptional analytical, organizational and communication skills. Mr. Feghali holds an MA in international finance from Westminster Business School-London and a Masters in Management from Ceram ESC Nice – France.

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  3:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Kevin Day
Head of Relationship Management 
Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange - DGCX
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Subject: “DGCX Currency Futures – Benefits and Trading Opportunities
Abstract & Biography
In this presentation, Mr. Kevin Day will present the following:
     • The Global FX Market
     • DGCX Currency Futures – trading opportunities
     • Trading Currency Futures vs. Spot Market
     • Benefits of Trading DGCX Currency Futures
     • Market Access and Clearing

Kevin Day is Head of Relationship Management at Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange (DGCX), the regions largest derivatives exchange. He brings a wealth of technical trading experience gained at all levels in the derivatives industry and is using this knowledge to help drive the business forward.

Most recently, Kevin was involved in setting up the first proprietary trading arcade in the Middle East. Kevin's career highlights also include time at Kas Clearing Agent, Dean Witter Securities, Yamaichi Securities and San Paulo di Torino, as well as 14 years proprietary trading experience. His global trading experience includes stints in Australia - where he traded equity derivatives on the Sydney Futures Exchange and Europe, where he was responsible for raising awareness of new business opportunities available to traders, notably crude oil futures trading, whilst also offering education and support to risk managers.
  4:00 pm -4:30pm

Brandon Wendell, CMT
Senior Instructor
Online Trading Academy
(On behalf of Windsor Brokers)
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Subject: “Winning Strategies for Forex Trading
Abstract & Biography
Brandon will discuss simple but extremely effective strategies for trading in all forex markets.  These techniques can be used for both short-term intraday trading for income as well as longer term trend trading for investment.  Learn rule based strategies that remove emotion and allow you to objectively trade with logical entries and exits.  These strategies offer low risk with large potential reward.


Brandon has appeared as a guest on CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and Fox Business Channel. He has conducted special seminars for CNBC staff on technical analysis of the financial markets. Brandon has published articles in The Trader's Journal, Forex Journal, Investor Magazine, and Investor’s Business Daily. Brandon has also appeared as an industry expert speaker at the Trader’s Expo, The Money Show, and Asia Traders and Investors Conference.

As a former stockbroker, brokerage trader, and hedge fund trader, Brandon brings various market views and insight to his trading classes and lectures. A wealth of knowledge, he has held NASD securities series 7 and 63 licenses. An Online Trading Academy graduate himself in 1998, Brandon has been trading equities, options, forex, and futures in his own account since. Brandon is also the San Diego Chapter Chair of the Market Technicians Association and holds the Chartered Market Technician Designation.

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  5:00 pm -5:30 pm

Dr. Stelios Platis
Managing Director
MAP S.Platis

Subject: “Regulation in the EU – The Cyprus Paradigm
Abstract & Biography
Following recent developments and disasters in the economies of Europe and the US, the eyes of everyone are focused on who oversees what, why and how. The foreign exchange brokerage market, not being an exception to that, has also been subject to increasing scrutiny lately. It is precisely for this reason that the regulation of retail forex brokerages has become a hot topic of discussion these days.

Dr. Stelios Platis, the Managing Director of MAP S.Platis, explains the current regulatory environment in the European Union and, specifically, the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID). With this in mind, the Cyprus paradigm is also presented.


Dr. Platis has a PhD and an MPhil in Economics and Finance from the University of Cambridge and a BA (Hons) from the University of Essex and is certified by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Cyprus to provide a number of investment services related to Cypriot Investment Firms and Banking Institutions. Dr. Platis has taught ‘Financial Accounting & Analysis’ as an Assistant Lecturer at the London Business School and later on as a Professor of Corporate Finance and Risk Management at the Cyprus International Institute of Management, where he also served as the Head of RiskLab (Cyprus). He has been for a number of years an Associate of the former Department of Applied Economics of the University of Cambridge.
Day 2, 21st of May 2010
  11:00 am - 11:30 am

Mike Baghdady 
Head Trader
SpyGlass Trading Solutions

Subject: "The Power of Price Behaviour "
Abstract & Biography
"Are you ready to Trade like a Pro?
We provide the 21 Trading rules and the Trading software packages, SpyGlass and the ELiTE online programme (Extended Learning in Trading Expertise). Our goal is to equip and train you to become a consistently successful and profitable trader, allowing you to inject some cash into your life and turbo charge your finances.

At Spyglass we teach the only pure rule based system in the world based on price behaviour, this consistently profitable trading system & methodology is the brain child of Mike Baghdady the Chief Trader at Spyglass.

His breakthroughs in Technical Analysis , have become ”The Power of The Price Behaviour Trading System” This is based on 21 rules that we train you to trade by in a five day intensive course with a further ELITE mentoring program that’s second to none! 
All our Instructors at Spyglass have been trained by Mike Baghdady, trading live on a daily basis

Mike Baghdady is the world's foremost expert on Price Behaviour and a 33-year veteran of the global financial markets, spending the tail-end of his professional career on the NYBOT trading floor until its merger with the InterContinental Exchange.

A key market analyst, syndicated columnist and commentator for financial television stations, Mike began his career in New York as an apprentice to Alan Shaw, widely considered to be the father of modern Technical Analysis learning.

He started his trading career as a physical grain trader and ran one of the Middle East’s largest grain operations for 15 years. He was awarded the title of Trader of the Year in 1987 by the American Chamber of Commerce magazine, AmCham, in his native Egypt, where he also majored in Economics at the American University. Since then he has worked as a commodities trader, stock trader, futures analyst, options trader and an instructor for both foreign currency exchange and equities markets as well as a technical trading advisor to several major global hedge funds and multinational corporations.

A head trader at the NYBOT, Mike called out trades for his team on the exchange floor and was responsible for training many of the floor traders to transition them from floor trading to technically trading off the charts, off computer screens.
Mike consequently gained extensive experience in teaching and mentoring and was able to clearly define a set of golden trading rules that provided him with the intellectual know-how to produce the first pure rule-based trading software.

Mike now teaches what he calls ‘Back to the future’ trading, using only Price Behaviour rules to gain an edge in the market and manage risk and exposure through a unique price action system, rather than relying on short-lived systems. Using this system, he was one of the very few technicians who publicly advised his clients to short this Bear market at its inception as early as November 2007.
  11:30 am - 12:00 pm

Peter Leonidou
Senior Technical Analyst 
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Subject: "Multi-time frames for entry and exit signals in Forex"
Abstract & Biography
"During the presentation, we will be doing live trading exercises, looking at single currency pairs or commodities on multi-times frames (1 hour, 30 minutes, 15 minutes and 5 minutes).

We will be analyzing pivot points, support & resistance, RSI, Bollinger Bands and moving averages used as confirmation signals to exit and entry points.

Peter Leonidou holds a BA in Marketing. He has over eight years experience within the investment sector. He spent almost equal number of years within the US and within Europe, working for companies such as Trade Station Securities and Easy Forex.

Peter Leonidou has facilitated numerous training seminars/webinars around the world and specializes in live trading exercises. Previous segments focused on global markets and web interfaced trading platforms for trading currencies, commodities, CFDs and equities.
His market philosophy is simple, “Knowledge is power, the more we know about financial markets the more likely we are able to control our financial futures.” (as quoted Financial Mirror)
Peter Leonidou immerses himself in technical as well as fundamental analysis. He prides himself on his ability to teach while live trading. He strives to provide users with unparalleled market information and insight into the latest software enhancements.

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  12:30 pm - 1:00 pm

Nour Eldeen M. Al-Hammoury
Chief Market Strategist
GFC Markets
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Subject: "Gold and Inter Market Analysis"
Abstract & Biography
Talking about Gold forecast for 2010 and 2011, intermarket analysis method and how to take the advantages from the markets relationships. Markets dynamics and simple indicators to track the trends.

Nour Eldeen M. Al-Hammouri the Chief Market Strategist for the Middle East at GFC Markets, was recently awarded 2nd place in the ArabFXIT international poll of analysts. This award was gained through technical analysis reports that were tracked every day and compared to numerous other analysts around the world. One of Nour’s major achievements was predicting the economic crises 6 months before it hit.

Nour specializes in using Intermarket analysis whereby the technical and fundamental markets analysis are merged. Nour has been interviewed several times by the major TV stations such as CNBC (and CNBC Arabia) & Bloomberg where he has presented some thoughts, discussions and ideas about the world's markets and where they are headed.
Nour has earned the position as a CFTe (Certified Financial Technician) from the IFTA (International Federation Technical Analysts).
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  3:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Costas Constantinides    
360 Consulting
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Subject: "Forex Regulation: Facts, Challenges and Opportunities"
Abstract & Biography
Many countries steadily introduce specialized regulation and tighter supervision for Forex Brokerages, Market Makers & Asset Managers. Mr. Costas Constantinides, director & chief consultant of 360o Consulting, points out key facts, critical challenges, as well as opportunities that arise in this environment for Forex business decision makers. He calls upon rare hands-on experience on global forex firm licenses, operations and development, and on private funds, covering the era, spanning 2005-10, prior & after EU MiFID, as well as the era of NFA transitions in forex regulation.

Founder of 360° consulting, brings to the consultancy his rare and extensive expertise in eCommerce with focus on Forex & Commodity Online Retail Trading Business Development, Regulation, Services and Operations. As Chief Consultant, he is successfully assisting prominent Forex business decision makers to deal with critical challenges, and realize opportunities. He has served in senior positions in areas of Forex & Commodity Online Retail Trading, and Strategic Business Consulting. Additionally, his academic and professional background covers Management, Operational Research, Statistics, Mathematics, and financial services related qualifications.
  3:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Rami Ghaleb Abu-Dra`a
Chief Technical Analyst
Arab Financial Brokers
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Subject: "Technical Analysis on GBP/USD, EUR/USD  & Gold"

Abstract & Biography
Presentation over long term view over GBP/USD, EUR/USD  & Gold from technical analysis prospective

Mr. Rami holds a degree in Banking & Financial Science from Yarmouk University – Jordan . and received intensive training courses in technical and fundamental analysis . he has more than 8 years  experience as an analyst in the equity and forex market . he has been working with AFB since 2008 as chief technical analyst .

Mr. Rami is distinguished in identifying and analyzing long term trends and how this can be profitable for investments portfolios .
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