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The Trader's Journal provide every month a serious traders with information on how to apply charting and computer trading methods to trade stocks, options, futures and forex trading. Trader's Journal cover both old and new trading methods, trading ideas and strategies, trading technology, trading psychology, interviews with top traders, book & software reviews and products to brings the best to you every month. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned trader, you'll always find the information you need to become a better trader. For more information visit our website


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Business PIONEER magazine is the fastest growing Arabic-language business publication in the GCC region. Covering a broad scope of industry sectors, the magazine has become required reading for GCC businessmen and businesswomen, helping them conduct their business more competitively. With a GCC-wide focus, the magazine provides value-added and information-loaded features and interviews with the most influential and successful executives from distinguished publics and private sectors across the Gulf region.

The tone, the topics and the writing style is unlike anything seen before in the region. Business PIONEER offers fresh and stimulating journalism that lives up to its name: pioneering a new type of publication which delivers regional business knowledge that can help business executives succeed. was founded in January 2000. As its distinctive trademark, the website has always been proud of its unyielding compromise to provide neutral and unbiased information and to enable its users to take better and more confident decisions. On the website, the real-time quotes, news, newsletters and interactive chats with experts from all over the world are among the most well-received contents. has managed to gain the collaboration of the entire Forex industry, from individual professionals and small companies right up to Forex Brokers and Investment Banks. The website exists in English ( ), Spanish (, Chinese (, Japanese ( ) Russian ( ) and French ( ) In 2008’s 3 main sites reached 5.204.238 unique visitors, 19.550.098 visits and 56.301.110 page views. In 2009, the portal should receive a total of around 60 million page views.


Fusion Media Ltd. was established in order to provide the best possible web portals, covering specific financial segments such as Forex, Futures Financial Spreads and CFD’s. With a strong grounding in the latest internet technology, Fusion Media has developed portals that provide the retail customer with a simple yet functionally rich online surfing environment. Fusion Media is especially proud of its multi-lingual network of sites.

With a solid background in financial markets, our goal is to provide both novice and experienced traders with neutral and unbiased information on specific financial segments, including Brokers, Fund managers, Real-time quotes & charts, Courses, Books, Software Providers, Educational & Training Materials, News, Analysis, Special offers and more. This fusion of technical ability and financial knowledge enables our users to take better, more educated decisions about their financial segment interest


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The Middle East North Africa Financial Network, Inc. ( is a leader in providing Middle East business & finance news to professionals all over the region. Our online FREE offerings include the latest Arab & international business news, stock markets data, economic data, researches & reports, company data, events & real estate listings in both Arabic & English.

MENAFN is one of the most demographically focused websites in the Middle East attracting affluent executives/professionals with an interest in the most up-to-date business information in the region.



Oil N’ Gold aims at providing traders the most timely information and precise analyses on commodity trading. Prepared by our in-house analysts, the ‘Market Insight’ section provides traders comments on latest fundamentals of the market, news digests and analysis on latest economic data. The title speaks for itself, ‘Technical Analysis’ are technical studies on WTI crude oil, natural gas, gold and silver futures. is one of the most popular forex Web sites in the world providing comprehensive and quality information to forex traders around the world. Thousands of forex traders read our Action Insight analysis reports every day and reference to our proprietary market indicator, Action Bias, before making their trade decision. Analysis reports from external contributors are featured together with free educational materials and much more. More importantly, all the information provided in the site is free!


A specialized financial market news and analysis portal, created in August 2008, after 2 years of recruiting, training and shaping the reports. The portal provides instant news for financial markets, including FX, Stocks, Bonds along with in depth economical studies for the major economies in the world, and daily technical and fundamental reports, with a complete educational section to help beginners learn how to trade.


Trade Arabia is the leading Bahrain-based business news and trade information portal covering the 22+ trade and industry sectors in the Gulf Region, Middle East and Levant. The portal represents an all encompassing repository of Al Hilal Group’s editorial knowledge going back to year 2000.

The winner of Bahrain 2009 eContent Award (eMedia Category), the portal is being visited by more than 2.9  million visitors per month  and our pages/sections/news/business directory are generating more than 15 million page views per month. with a Google Page Rank of 7/10 has been online for more than 9 years delivering business news and trade information to millions of online readers worldwide. The portal’s editorial section is responsible for the hourly news updates and our content is being syndicated by various news organizations in the Middle East, Asia and the United States.


The company was established as the only of its kind media company focusing on "Islamic Financial Industry". The company has grown proficiently since its inception and today it stands well regarded and most trusted by all of the leading decision makers within the Islamic finance community.

The company has a monthly magazine that's circulated to more than 20000 readers who are the top brass of the Islamic finance community. Our targets Audience vary from Investment, banks, financial Institutions, Real Estate & other Corporate Sectors.
The magazine has created a well established network of reporters in all Arab countries besides the UK, Malaysia, India and the USA. Today it boosts of having more than 20 reporters that are contributing to the magazines content and adding value with their reporting quality. Investors Group also organizes events related with Banking & Financial Sector. 


DailyForex was established out of a strong need for a Forex website that provides all the necessary information to become a successful Forex trader. provides in-depth reviews of current Forex brokers, signal providers, online and offline Forex courses, as well as Forex products.
DailyForex's goal is to provide both new and experienced Forex traders, with a set of clear and easy-to-use tools that will enable them to make a much more educated decision when choosing a Forex service to best fit their needs. Dailyforex is available in six languages: English, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, French and Turkish.


A MAGAZINE THAT GOES BEYOND BUSINESS REPORTING! AMWAL is a widely recognized source for the latest information to over 1 million business professionals across the Gulf region. Each month, AMWAL delivers important news and analysis to key market influencers and decision-makers from all sides of the business. AMWAL provides the most coverage, the most analysis and the most information first . The independence of the magazine gives its journalist the capacity to find decisive information and to verify it .
For more information, visit the website /


Capital Magazine is a 100% business to business magazine, English language business and finance practice-based monthly, established and accredited by the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), featuring articles by certified financial and business experts (strategic partners: SHUAA CAPITAL, GLOBAL INVESTMENT HOUSE, DIFC, etc …) on a broad spectrum of topics – ranging from banking, technology, human capital, risk management to treasury, corporate finance and cash management.

Every issue of CAPITAL Magazine is distributed to the most powerful decision-makers in the GCC and the rest of Middle East each month, with an estimated readership of 40,000.
For more information, visit the website at

Business Islamica is the first monthly magazine in the UAE that specifically covers all aspects of Islamic business and finance both regionally and internationally. Based in the Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC) – an emerging hub for those investing along Shariah principles – the magazine’s objective is to spearhead awareness initiatives, heighten knowledge of its core principles and practices and feature the latest developments in this industry.

Our editorial covers interviews with key industry leaders, case studies, and features on a wide range of topics like – Islamic Banking, Wealth Management, Takaful (Islamic Insurance), Islamic Retail Finance, Marketing and Branding of Shariah Compliant products, Regulatory Issues, Islamic Business Challenges and Risk Management.
For more information, visit the website at 


ArabInvestors magazine its Saudi magazine and printed in Saudi Arabia a monthly specialized economic magazine concerning with many economy and investment issues worldwide. It presents vital investment files in many sectors like education, property, energy, petrol, aviation, agriculture, industry, and tourism. It is through hosting businessmen and companies within specialized dialogues, and through publishing investigations, economic reports, and relevant articles. Also it is done by securing journalistic data and specialized advertisement for active commercial companies and bodies in Saudi Arabia, Gulf and the Arab Region.

The magazine covers all Arab countries through active distribution network available on geographical connection securing the existence of the magazine in markets, touristic companies, great hotels, libraries and all distribution outlets in the Arab Region. The magazine also publishes thousands of editions for special distribution in large investment centers with all its various types.

The magazine is administered by a specialized board of editors and technical cadre in the filed of advertisement and marketing.


Since its founding in 2007, The FX Operator LLP, an Internet Company Registration No. LL0700690W, have continued with their commitment to produce unparalleled online experience for retail Forex traders based on the vast experience in online media and technology and in depth knowledge of the retail Forex business. Through its technology skill set, FX Operator LLP also provides customized web and marketing solutions for start ups and Internet companies


Currency trader is being published since 2003. Currency trader's main focus is on educating traders while increasing and updating their knowledge about financial markets. The media is not targeting to promote or recommend any trading strategy, system, brokerage house or approach. As we believe, this is trader's right to be updated and informed about what is going on around the globe and can somehow affect the financial markets. Traders are advised to do their own analysis while reading an update, information or even an article.

Lack of such professional media for non-English speakers was obvious since the successful start of currency trader English. Different requests (especially from professional traders in Middle East) have leaded us to start publishing currency trader's Farsi edition on September 2009, and its Arabic edition on January 2010.  Now in 2010, currency trader magazine is publishing on monthly bases in English, Farsi and Arabic language.
Farsi:       Arabic:


Trading age is the first and only FX media website in Farsi language which focuses on publishing instant and on time updates and information about the currency market and its subsidiaries.
Professional team at the trading age is in charge of gathering important data about the money market.

Our aim at trading age is to provide clear and transparent data to those whose benefit is somehow linked to the financial markets. We are providing real and live information about: Forex, stocks, CFD and etc.  


First established in 1952 by Mr. Kamel Mroue, now Mr.Jamil Mroue is the newspaper publisher.  Printed in Beirut with a comprehensive coverage about Lebanon & the ME.  For the boarder perspective combining insightful business reporting with perspective coverage of global geopolitics, security, culture & society, read the Daily Star.

Address: Gemayzeh, Sainte Famille Street, Marine Tower Bldg, 6 Th Floor.
Tel: 961 1 587277
Fax: 961 1 561333


Launched in Beirut 1970 by Al Bayan Publishing House.  40 years: 462 monthly issues, 160 supplements, 40 annual issues

Al Bayan Magazine has the highest share of the advertising expenditures in the Pan Arab Market for the business and economic magazines (Source: Ipsos – Stat).
Addressing all business practices pertaining to Arab Business man.  

Provides readers in the Levant, GCC & North Africa with in-depth analysis on financial statements and reports on current and emerging markets. Covers extensively all business sectors. Conducts special interviews with Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs.


Al-Raasmal Al-Arabi is an economical business magazine established in 1965 by Mr. Mohammad Al-Yafawi, and now it is managed by his son Mr. Hisham Al-Yafawi.

Al-Raasmal Al-Arabi is a magazine that goes beyond business reporting and specifically covers all aspects of economical business and financial news. The magazine is administered by a specialized board of editors and technical cadre in the field of advertisement and marketing. It is a widely recognized source for the latest news to over 10,000 business professionals across Lebanon and the Gulf region like Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirate, Saudi Arabia, and others since it is distributed every 15 days to most decision-makers and businessmen. We are also so proud of our relations with most Arab kings, princes, and leaders who have become the first participants and readers for our magazine.

Al-Raasma Al-Arabi is distributed across the Lebanese Republic with its central departments, ministries, embassies, media and cultural offices, different media and advertising companies.

Contact: Tel: +961(1)737271/00961(1)366884, Fax: 01370424, Email: / P.O box; 11/124 BERUIT-LEBANON



Global Islamic Finance Magazine (GIF) was firmly established in 2007 as the leading Islamic Finance title for bankers, business professionals, brokers, insurers, corporate, advisors and providers of financial services. It focuses on rapidly growing Islamic Banking, Finance, Economy and Business.
Through close contact with those active in the Islamic finance sector, Global Islamic Finance magazine is able to bring you critical news not found elsewhere. Market intelligence which will assist you with your business and in depth independently-written feature articles provides potential leads and other resource information. Turn our news, knowledge and insight into your advantage, with essential information and details on the Islamic finance field.
Global Islamic Finance magazine delivers news, reviews, research, comment and analysis to financial intermediaries, bankers, lenders, insurers, brokers, corporate and SME decision makers and supports these finance professionals with timely, relevant and accurate market intelligence and sources of business funding.


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