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Conference Agenda


Saturday, 9th of April

11:00 am

Mrs. Katia Tayar
Founder & President
Arabcom group

Welcoming & opening speech

  11:10 am

Eric Hasham

Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange
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Topic: "DGCX Currency Futures – Benefits and Trading Opportunities"

Abstract & Biography
In this presentation, Mr. Eric Hasham will present the  following:
The Global FX Market
  • DGCX Currency Futures – trading opportunities
  • Trading Currency Futures vs. Spot Market
  • Benefits of Trading DGCX Currency Futures
  • Market Access and Clearing

Eric Hasham joined the management team of DGCX as Head of Strategic Development in September 2008, and later on in November 2009 became Chief Executive Officer. A highly experienced commodities and derivatives specialist, Eric has substantial expertise in risk management, product and business development, clearing solutions and global trade practices with over 19 years in the field. Eric has advised, in a consultancy capacity, numerous blue chip companies and institutions within the commodities sector, and between 2001 and 2005, was Head of Product Development at Liffe, the derivatives arm of NYSEuronext.

Eric brings a wealth of invaluable commodities knowledge and financial services experience to DGCX. He is looking forward to building on the success of the exchange and driving the organisation forward in its exciting strategy and growth plans.

  11:30 am

Iskandar Najjar

Chief Executive Officer
Alpari ME DMCC
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Topic: "Resistance is futile"

Abstract & Biography

As nations compete for export-led growth, central banks are facing increasing criticism for manipulating their domestic currencies. The rationale behind currency manipulation makes sense, but in an increasingly globalized world is competitive currency devaluation viable?

Mr. Iskandar Najjar will hold the position of the Chief Executive Officer of Alpari ME. He is responsible for the management, control and supervision of the company.

Mr. Najjar has had a wealth of experience in client and corporate relations with his time in Barclays Bank PLC in Manchester, as well as experience in research prior to establishing ACM ME DMCC’s operations for the Middle East in Dubai. There he was responsible for coordinating sales strategies and procedure; overall management and development of the internal departments.
He was also a director at ACM Institutional markets’ operations in which he was responsible for attaining and maintaining institutional clients.

Prior to joining Alpari, Mr. Najjar was a private consultant working on operations to develop the entire online trading division for a start-up investment bank in the Middle East.

Mr. Najjar’s experiences are built on his BA Business Economics degree in Manchester and his MSc Finance diploma from Leeds Business School.


12:00 pm

Sherif Saad
Executive Coach cum Sales Manager
FX Open Investments
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Subject: “The Secret Language of Charts

Abstract & Biography

The seminar delivers to you a new perspective of how to read and understand ¡°The Science of Charts¡±. During this seminar we will show you how the geometrical theory, technical analysis and other strategy provide you a different concept when viewing and understanding the charts. This information can be used on any kinds of charts in any type of markets. This information will help you reach your true potential and success in trading.

Coming from the industry and after decades of experience, Mr. Sherif has built a reputation that goes beyond just charts and candlesticks.

A successful active trader in his own right, delivering only what fits each individual in his trainings. In addition to being trained under the supervision of an accomplished professional Forex trader who responds to your individual trading needs you will be introduced to the core of foreign currency trading...' the science of trading'.

Sherif Saad is a qualified Forex coach. With more than 10 years of trading experience, he is a certified technical and fundamental analysis instructor. He is a Forex Pioneer, Executive Coach and is one of the company's most successful Sales Managers.

He conducts international classes in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Egypt, etc. He has given courses to more than 6000 students around the world with distinction acknowledgement testimonies. With his own special trading strategies and the sensitivity of market movement, he is able to master the trades with proven results and coach students in both practical and theoretical ways.

With his rich experience in the Foreign Exchange Market and professional attitude, he is the one that you can trust on and definitely guide you from the beginner level to professional in trading currency.


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  4:00 pm

Brian Dolan
Chief Currency Strategist
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Subject: “Inter-Market correlations and Forex Markets

Abstract & Biography

Join Brian Dolan, FOREX.com’s Chief Currency Strategist, as he looks at the current state of inter-market correlations and how they affect currency markets.  Conventional wisdom holds that FX is non-correlated to most other asset classes, such as stocks or commodities, but is that true?  Learn the how the value of the US dollar can affect commodity prices and what it means for your trading strategies.  Are carry trades still moving in tandem with stock markets and how strong is the relationship?  Which currency pairs respond most to changes in oil and other commodity prices? Gain a deeper understanding of how key financial markets are connected to FX and each other.

Brian Dolan is a 20 year veteran of the currency market, having worked as a senior trader and analyst at some of the world’s leading international banks, including Dai-Ichi Kangyo, Credit Suisse and American Express. In addition to overseeing fundamental and technical research at GAIN, Brian publishes a daily technical analysis report and weekly macro research report for the exclusive use of GAIN Capital clients. Frequently sought after by the financial press for his insights into currency movements, Brian is a frequent guest on CNBC and Bloomberg TV. Brian has also published numerous articles on short-term trading strategies and risk management in journals such as Futures, Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities, and SFO. In the fall of 2007, Brian co-authored Currency Trading for Dummies, a sophisticated, educational resource for traders new to the Forex markets. Brian is a graduate of Dartmouth College.

  4:30 pm

Ahmad Khatib
Chief Executive Officer
Amana Capital
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Subject: “Business Trends in the Forex industry

Abstract & Biography

During the last 24 months, the global forex industry has witnessed a lot of material changes that will be highlighted in the presentation. 

  • Steady growth of the industry 
  • Regulatory  amendments
  • Shift away from the US
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Market volatility is increasing
  • Education is becoming more important
  • Banks are joining the industry
  • Customer experience is the key
  • Impact of social media
  • World is getting smaller

Mr. Khatib is an experienced finance professional with extensive experience in financial management, strategy and business planning, risk management and operations. At Amana Capital, he is responsible for the operations of the company, the implementation of its strategic plans and the management of company's financial and capital resources.

He started his career with Arthur Andersen in Riyadh in the Assurance and Business Advisory division before joining the Arab Bank in UAE as the Assistant Financial controller where he established and headed their Financial Planning and Analysis division. He also worked as the Chief Financial Officer of Dubai Media Incorporated (Dubai TV network) where he headed restructuring teams in the fields of Finance, Strategy, Human Resources and Quality Control. Prior to joining Amana Capital, he was the former Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Orion Holding Overseas, a DIFC holding company with operations in brokerage and financial IT solutions.

Mr Khatib  is a graduate of the American University of Beirut (AUB) and holds several professional certifications including CPA and CMA. He has also taught Finance & Accounting courses at Dubai universities and is an instructor of CMA, CPA and CIA review courses at Morgan International.

Mr Khatib is a Board Member and Vice President of the Association of Financial Institutions in Lebanon, a body that represents the interest of all Financial Institutions in Lebanon.

  5:00 pm

George Pavlakoudis
Senior Dealer

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Subject: “Trading Fundamentals in Times of Crisis

Abstract & Biography

The current financial crisis is still influencing currency markets, eyes of all investors are on major announcements and what impact they will have on currencies from day to day. The presentation will help distinguish between risk and fundamental driven results along with important indicators to focus on for following trends.

George Pavlakoudis holds a BA Hons Business Economics from York University, in Toronto and an Msc in Finance from the University of Leicester.

He has a strong background in technical and fundamental analysis and has worked with easy-forex for more than more than three years. George currently holds the position of Senior Dealer.

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