Details about Baby Einstein Baby Animals Book

baby einstein baby animals book

A new durable board book has been created featuring the amazing work of Baby Einstein! Entitled, Baby Animals, this wonderfully high contrast book is perfect for newborns and babies. As they explore the pages designed with thick black and white outlines, they will find all kinds of new animals to discover. Along with the 48 pages in the book, there is also an amazing interactive sound button and a PI Kids play rainbow in the form of a waterproof toy. The book also features a “Who am I,� “My Mirror Me� and an interactive mirrored page. In addition, the book also includes My First Library, which will help little ones gain an understanding of words, alphabet, numbers, plus shapes such as circles, squares and more. There are also fun lift and flap sections that enable even chunky hands to easily move through the pages. Then, here we go to the backyard all year, which is full of touch and feel sections, as well as sections on opposites and noisy sections. This Baby Einstein book is simply amazing, it will help any little one explore and discover animals and more.

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