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baby shoelace bells

Featuring a premium gift set, Fisher-Price presents the Baby Biceps Gift Set, a collection of fitness-themed baby toys necessary for a child’s development. Included in the set are various wearable items like a costume bib, baby rattle, teether, USA flag bibs and shoes. The baby shoes come with a special boot lace keeper to secure the lace and a different set of US-American worker-themed shoelace charms. Designed to keep both Sneakers and Inchant shoes tied, the shoelaces come with Taggie security tags and special taggy comforters. Sized for both toddlers and babies, the gift set includes a green frog animal plush toy that has a locking mechanism to hold the laces in place. An elastic “No Tie� shoe pack is also included, and the one-size-fits-all item is great for kids and adults alike.

Available by EPEIUS, the unisex shoes come in both girl and boy sizes and feature non-slip socks. Stride Rite SRT designs feature a toddler-size Elliot leather sneaker for added comfort and special edition Booyckiy satin ribbon laces with wide flat colorful shoelaces for a unique look. Also included in the set are women's Early Learning buckles with special self-adhesive tape, crinkle paper numbers, and cartoon characters. With the Baby Biceps Gift Set, parents can provide babies, toddlers, and kids with a fun and interactive gaming experience as they explore, learn, and grow.

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