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memorial box for baby

A memorial box for a baby, be it Generic or Hallmark Keepsake, is a special gift to honor a life that may have been too short-lived. Memorial boxes come in a range of sizes and features and have become an increasingly popular way to keep a baby’s memory alive. For many families, a memorial box contains items and mementos that are a physical reminder of their child. This can include anything from hair from the first haircut, umbilical cord, blankets, clothes, and pacifiers.

The exterior of a memorial box for a baby can be prominent or plain, depending on the family’s preference. Custom engravings with the baby’s name and birthdate can also be added. It’s a meaningful way to ensure the baby’s memory is never forgotten and is a fitting alternative to a headstone or other grave marker.

Another great aspect of memorial boxes is that they come in enough variety to accommodate any budget. Generic memorial boxes may not have as many features as a Hallmark Keepsake box, but they can still be meaningful. Hallmark offers a wide selection of memorial boxes with decorative features, including hand-painted artwork, soft floral designs, and pewter and sterling silver detailing.

Regardless of the type of memorial box chosen, the sentiment behind it should be appreciated. Not only are memorial boxes a meaningful—and more affordable—way to remember a baby, they also provide comfort to a grieving family.

For those seeking a meaningful way to commemorate a baby, a memorial box from Generic or Hallmark Keepsake is an acceptable solution. It affords families a way to preserve and honor their baby’s memory, and also provides comfort in knowing that their baby will never be forgotten.

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